On Brand Sponsorships

Brand Sponsorships are one of the two types of campaigns available on Podmetrics to help you monetize your podcast.

In these campaigns, you are paid per sponsored episode. Unlike Affiliate Marketing campaigns, you are not necessarily required to have any valid conversions. Advertisers select according to listenership, podcast content, and audience makeup.

Applying for Brand Sponsorships

You will find Brand Sponsorship campaigns on the Brand Sponsorship tab of your Ad Marketplace, where upon application, you will be asked for a small message to the advertiser on your intention to be a part of the campaign.

Brand Sponsorship campaigns you've applied for will appear on the Applied Campaigns tab of your Campaigns page.

Brand Sponsorship Invitations

Advertisers may also invite podcasts from their Podmetrics dashboard. You will be notified via email of any invitations and will be able to see them on the Invited campaigns tab of your Campaigns page.

Rate Computations

Your episode rate is based on the standard podcast industry rate computation for podcast advertising. Your rate depends heavily on your (1) listenership tier and (2) average listens per episode.


Rate per Ave. Listens per Episode

Tier 1

(1000 and up Average Listens per Episode)

$ 0.06

Tier 2

(500 to 999 Average Listens per Episode)

$ 0.04

Tier 3

(200 to 499 Average Listens per Episode)


For example, a Tier 1 podcast with 5000 Ave. Listens per Episode will have the following computation:

0.06 x 5000 = $300

Premium Podcasts

Some premium podcasts with very high listenership and popularity are able to define their rate per episode. Do contact monetization@podmetrics.co if you want to have a conversation about your defined rate on the platform.

Number of Episodes Sponsored

The number of sponsored episodes are determined by the Advertiser for now. They either already define the number of episodes they want to podcast upon invitation, or they decide after accepting your application.

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