1. Login to your account on

2. Go to the "Monetisation" tab on your dashboard.

3. Click on the "Affiliate Marketing Programs" tab.

4. Browse through the the different campaigns offered on the dashboard.

5. To join a campaign, click "View."

6. After clicking "view," a popup messaging will appear showing all the details of the campaign. If you wish to send an application, click "Apply for this campaign."

7. Your application has been submitted and will be reviewed by the Podmetrics team.

Product Links

Specifically for Lazada or Shopee, you may promote specific products through the following steps:

1. Click "View" found on the Lazada or Shopee Offers tab in the Ad Marketplace.

2. Click "View" and a prompt like the one on the photo will appear. Go to the Lazada or Shopee website and copy the URL of the product you wish to promote. Once pasted, click "Create URL" to generate your podlink.

3. Generated podlink will appear on the second row where you can now click "Copy Link" and start promoting your affiliate link!

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