Earning from Podmetrics

There are two (2) ways to earn from Podmetrics. First, you may be able to get brand sponsorships that get you paid per sponsored episode. Or, second, you may get commissions from Affiliate Marketing Campaigns.

List and Breakdown of Earnings

The Podmetrics platform provides full transparency on your data. Campaign performance metrics like listens, clicks, conversions, and earnings is available on the Reports page.

Or you may also click on Active Campaigns tiles for performance of specific campaigns.

Profit Sharing

Podmetrics aims to make our platform free for podcasters. However, to cover costs, implement a profit share of 30% for all campaigns. For full disclosure, we send a reminder everytime you apply for a campaign. This is on our Terms and Conditions as well, which you've agreed on upon signing up on our platform.

Withdrawing Earnings

Currently, our Payouts function is under development. It is projected to be released with an update by end of February 2021. We'll let you know once it's out. However, please be informed that effective March 10, 2021, we will be implementing a minimum payout amount of $20.

Payout Methods

We want to make withdrawing your earnings convenient for your. For now, the Payout method we prioritize is through Paypal. So prepare your Paypal account now for quick integration once our Payouts feature is out.

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