What is Episode Linking

For every campaign you a part of (Brand Sponsorships or Affiliate Marketing Campaign), you will be asked to link the specific episodes that aired the campaign.

This is for us to understand the exact impressions of the ad. We get this by collecting the number of listens from your linked episodes. We also measure ad effectivity by

When to Link Episodes

As long as you have your podcast host connected, episodes should reflect into the Podmetrics system within 24 to 48 hours. It is advisable to link episodes as soon as you can select them from the Episode list.

Linking Brand Sponsorship Episodes

Linking episodes is absolutely crucial for Brand Sponsorship campaigns. You are required to link the agreed upon number of sponsored episodes before the campaign can be tagged as complete.

Linking Episodes to Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

Since Affiliate Marketing campaigns are valid for longer periods of time and are conversion-based, you are free to promote them to as many episodes as you wish. Linking episodes also has no limits.

Your Campaign Page

You will be able to view metrics of your linked episodes on your Campaign Page. To access this, click on the View More button on your Active Campaigns.

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