Shopee PH Affiliate Marketing Campaign

Through our Shopee Affiliate Campaign, you'll be able to promote the various brands and products from Shopee. These Offers can be found on the Podmetrics Ad Marketplace.

Shopee PH Offers

You can easily apply for the Shopee campaigns through the Podmetrics dashboard. Once you click apply, you'll be able to see the all the Shopee offers.

To be able to redirect your listeners to the Shopee landing page, click "Apply" on the Home Page tab to see the details of this campaign. Once clicked, the basic details, commission rate and your generated Podlink will popup on the screen. Press "Copy Link" and start promoting your affiliate link on your podcast!

Product Link

To promote a specific Shopee product, apply on the "Shopee Product Link" tab where you'll be asked to paste the URL of the specific product. Click "Create URL" so we can generate your Podlink for you!

Commission Table


New Shopee Buyers

Existing Shopee Buyers

(Camera, Gaming, Home Entertainment, Laptops & Computers, Mobile & Accessories)



Non - Electronics

(Fashion, Health & Personal Care, Groceries & Pet Care, Babies and Kids, Home & Living, Sports & Travel)



Digital Goods and Vouchers



Validation Process

The process of validation takes a couple of weeks with Shopee PH. Shopee does automated sales validation process to check the latest status on every pending order at the end of each month. Items should be fulfilled and delivered in order for it to be considered valid.

Therefore, conversion and commission reports may reflect on your Podmetrics account several weeks after purchase.


Commissions are computed in PHP in Shopee. However, it automatically converts to USD in the Podmetrics platform. We follow the conversion rate of the day your commission is reflected into the Shopee system.

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